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Cala Gonone

Cala Gonone is the tourist village section of Dorgali midway along the Gulf of Orosei, just 4 Km from S’Abba Frisca Park Museum. This is a convenient location for anyone who wants to go out to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, or to explore the hinterland where there is a rich array of particularly interesting archaeological sites and natural attractions. Backed by a magnificent natural amphitheatre of limestone peaks and evergreen oak forests, this is where the Supramonte highlands meet the sea. Acclaimed as a beach destination since the early 1800s, Cala Gonone can be reached by road from the Park Museum either by going over the pass at Irghiriai or going back through Dorgali to drive through the tunnel under Mount Bardia.


Gulf & beaches

The port makes Cala Gonone an ideal departure point for day cruises along the Gulf of Orosei, with services offered by local transport and leasing cooperatives. It’s a short boat ride to the famous caverns called Grotte del Bue Marino where a sea level entrance leads into the longest known cavern system in Italy, and where the last-known specimens of Sardinian Monk Seal (Bue Marino) were seen in the 1980s. Your visit can also take in stunningly beautiful beaches at Cala Fuili, Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzè and elsewhere along the Gulf, all of them among the most appreciated in Sardinia and across Europe.

Activities & excursions at Cala Gonone

The beach at Spiaggia Centrale is next to the port and the Lungomare esplanade is good for a pleasant seaside stroll to and from the park at Palmasera, where entertainment brightens up summer evenings. Cala Gonone is regarded as a paradise for climbers in Sardinia because it has plenty of cliffs directly above the sea with dozens of lines in place. With a mild climate all year round and many operators offering highly qualified services, here you can also enjoy sports such as trekking, kayaking, caving, diving, horse riding and fatbike riding.

Hotels & services at Cala Gonone

There are many hotels as well as resort villages and B&B for accommodation at any time, summer and winter. To get to S’Abba Frisca Park Museum from Cala Gonone you could hire power-assisted bicycles, scooters, or vehicles. A tuk-tuk taxi with driver is also available for hire.

Where to sleep ...
Villa Capelvenere
Villa Capelvenere

From doay it’s possible to book a villa inside the Park Museum.

Built in 2021 in modern rustic style, it will let you discover a more authentic side of Sardinia and its slower rhythms of life, a short step away from the magnificent seashore of the Gulf of Orosei and a long way from hectic city life.

A stay here is made even more exclusive by its location, inside the historic estate of S’Abba Frisca Park Museum.

Each unit of around 70 sqm has a spacious living area with kitchen and tv and direct access to the garden and outdoor table.

It has two comfortable bedrooms: a master bedroom and a double bedroom that can be configured with a double bed or singles.

The bathroom has an ample shower and a hairdryer, washing machine and dryer.

The building has plenty of space inside and outside, it is tastefully finished with fine materials and includes premium quality household linen.

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